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140 Characters vs Red, White, and Blue Space Jockeys

James, my highly-esteemed Biz vs Dev co-host, published a blog post about a consistent point of discussion–frivolous projects versus legitimate projects.

I responded via email. He insisted I made a blog. Heeeere’s a blog!

“We wanted flying cars, instead we got 140 characters.” - Peter Thiel

James, I can distinctly hear your voice while reading your post (which is vital!).

Yes, the problems that aren’t 140 characters are the really hard ones. But we now have to make that be the sexy thing. We have to make solving hard problems sexy. Not merely venerate the glamour of starting something, toiling away and figuring out how to A/B test your way to tricking people into briefly using your substitutable product, and then celebrating yourself with a ticker tape parade (peppered with jet planes whose systems you don’t comprehend, no less).

When Twitter first started, it wasn’t remotely so...

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